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Salt Shaker Themenight

--- posted 22 Apr 2001, 1:00 am

Last Friday we had "salt shaker themenight." We were only allowed to talk if we were holding the salt shaker. The salt shaker was passed to each person in turn--no one was skipped, and no one grabbed the salt shaker from anyone else. Conversation had to stay to topic. It turned out to be a very good exercise in listening; I encourage everyone to try it sometime.

Thirty Hour Famine Kickoff

--- posted 5 Apr 2001, 9:00 pm

Dave Lanzer is helping to lead worship at the 30-hour famine kickoff alternate chapel. Join him at the Hostetter Chapel at 5:00 this Friday. After the chapel, we will go to Lottie for Theme Night. This theme night we will brainstorm/discuss ideas for future theme nights.

Pictures from Tent Night

--- posted 26 Mar 2001, 5:00 pm

Dave Lanzer scanned some pictures from Tent Theme Night, Mar 9. Check them out.

Spring Break Update

--- posted 17 Mar 2001, 1:30 pm

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I did some work on the Pictures Page. It is now finished. Thank you Aimee and Jeannette for your help.

Salvation Army Theme Night Pictures

--- posted 14 Mar 2001, 9:00 pm, updated 11:30 pm

Hope you didn't miss tonight's Theme Night--Salvation Army. We got our hands on a digital camera and took a lot of photos. The pictures have been posted, but unfortunately some are lacking in quality. You can see what we have on the Pictures Page.

Tent Theme Night

--- posted 9 Mar 2001, 9:45 pm

Tonight's theme night was tent theme night. A tent was constructed out of sticks and bedsheets in the corner of Lottie. The tent attracted many people, who had to visit and see what was happening. After eating on the floor we enjoyed conversation and playing some games, such as a game involving pointing and grunting and another game constructing a story one sentence at a time.

Next theme night is Salvation Army Theme Night. Please take a trip with your friends to the Salvation Army store and have your friends pick clothes out for you. Find something hideous, you will fit right in. No cross dressing allowed.

Information for next Theme Night

--- posted 8 Mar 2001, 11:30 am

Not much is being said about this Friday's theme night. However, a rather unusual message was sent out last night via phone mail with instructions to wear casual clothes. Apparently, the activity will require comfortable, flexible clothes. So, everyone come out this Friday night at 5:30 and wear casual clothes.

By the way, if you do not receive the phone mail messages and you want to be added to the list, contact Dave Lanzer at extension 4556.

Salvation Army Theme Night Postponed

--- posted 6 Mar 2001

The theme for this Friday's theme night is no longer Salvation Army clothes. Several people are not able to attend, so a different theme will be chosen for this Friday. Salvation Army night is therefore postponed to next week, which is on Wednesday because of Spring Break.