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MessCon Spring 2002

The convention will start at 4:00pm on April 5. It will run continuously through the daylight-savings time change on Sunday morning until 4:00pm on April 7, making a total of 47 hours. Events and times shown below are a few of the special activities that will happen. They are subject to change without notice.

Friday 5 April 2002 Saturday 6 April 2002 Sunday 7 April 2002
4:00 pm
Let the games begin!!
6:30 pm
Pizza ($1.50/slice)
8:00 pm
Speed Tournament
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Multi Game Tournament
8:00 pm
Ice Cream Social
1:00 am
Chrononauts Game
Begin Daylight Savings Time
11:00 am
Worship Service
4:00 pm
End of convention

Games featured at MessCon
RA Lord of the Rings Chess
Dilbert Robo Rally Acquire
Settlers of Catan Union Pacific Speed
Chrononauts Risk Scrabble
Torres El Grande Java
Elfenland Frank's Zoo Pit
Flux Apples 2 Apples ...and many more!!!

General Information

MessCon Spring 2002 will be held at Messiah College, in the North Complex Lounge. Directions to Messiah College, a list of local restaurants and lodging, and a map of the college campus, are available at the Messiah College Visitors Guide. (The North Complex Lounge is in the Miller Residence Hall, number 21 on the campus map.) Look for signs upon entering campus. After arriving at the Con, you will need to get a free temporary parking tag in order to park on campus. The parking tag you receive will tell you where to park.

While you are at the Con, we ask that you act in an appropriate manner. We have a few guidelines that we feel will make things run smoother and allow everyone to have a more enjoyable time. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and NO SMOKING. We appreciate your effort to keep our campus alcohol and smoke free. Thank you for joining us!

Tournament Information

There will be two official tournaments. On Friday night, there will be our traditional Speed tournament. Speed is a fast-paced card game where you match cards by color, symbol or number. Saturday afternoon there will be a strategy games tournament. Participants vote on which games they want to play. Depending on the number of players and games chosen, there may be several rounds. In the final round, the finalists will play a brand new game to see who takes it home! (It is assumed that players will learn the game on the spot.) The prize game has been graciously donated by Rio Grande Games.

Cost Information

The Messiah College Games Club will be making some drinks and snacks available. To cover these costs, we ask that visitors make a small ($4-$6) donation for attending the Con.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments, contact Jason Long: