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Hello. I am Jason Alonzo Long. I am a Network Systems Manager at Messiah College, Grantham, PA. This is my home page.

Official address of this page: jason.long.name. My email is jason@long.name.


When things happen in my life or to this site, I guess I'll put them here.

2012-02-29 - Poland

Congratulations to the Messiah College acm programming team, who got invited to compete at the World Finals levels this May. The world finals are held this year in Warsaw, Poland. (I coach this team.)

2007-08-28 - Go Club

Anyone who lives in the vicinity of Messiah College, and interested in playing Go, let me know! A few friends and I have been getting together regularly to play, and we'd love to have more.

2007-03-13 - CPLUG presentation

This month I presented at CPLUG. My presentation slides are available (temporarily) here.

2006-03-17 - A website for my dad's business

I'm helping my dad set up a website for his new company, Long's Construction. I decided to try Yahoo! webhosting for this website. See my review of Yahoo! web hosting.

2006-03-15 - House buying

Dana and I are in the process of buying a house. It is in the Cumberland Park area of Camp Hill. We'll be moving sometime in May.

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