This is the home page for owperlprovider, a new Perl provider interface for OpenWBEM. This lets you write OpenWBEM providers in Perl.

It is not complete yet, but is becoming useful. It uses SWIG to generate wrappers for the various objects and classes needed in the provider code (e.g. CIMInstance, CIMClass, CIMObjectPath). In addition to providing an object-oriented way to access CIM elements from Perl, it also provides type-checking (i.e. if you use a CIMInstance where a CIMObjectPath is expected, you'll get an error instead of crashing the CIMOM).


See the NEWS file.


Download the latest version: Version 0.32 [Sourceforge.net].

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.


API Documentation is created as a Man page when owperlprovider is installed. After installation, run man owperl.

On this site, it is available in HTML format.


To get an idea what your provider code may look like using this interface, check out the sample PersonProvider.pl.


Send comments/suggestions to jason@long.name.

Last updated 2006-11-20.